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IV Ukrainian Conference “Library and Book in the Context of Time”

On 14-15 of April 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine the IV conference “Library and Book in the Context of Time” was held. The conference scope joins scientific topics with the information useful for practitioners. The main organizer of this conference is the National Parliament Library of Ukraine. In this year the main topic of the conference was “Libraries activities on the preservation of national cultural heritage”.
First day of the conference was dedicated to the multi-aspect analysis of this topic including legal issues, practical experiences and case studies. During this day a presentation “Polish Digital Libraries in the PIONIER Network” was made by Marcin Werla and Anton Kozik from the PSNC Digital Libraries Team. The presentation shown the role of PSNC in the development of digital libraries in Poland, the dLibra Digital Library Framework and national and international projects working on metadata aggregation (including the Polish Digital Libraries Federation, EuropeanaLocal and Europeana).
The second day of the conference was devoted to a practical seminar, which main topic was “Presentation of national cultural heritage in the digital environment”. The seminar was mostly about various IT solutions in the libraries domain. A presentation by Anton Kozik was made during this day on the dLibra system and its functionality. This was possible because of the cooperation between PSNC and Lviv National Scientific Library established with the help of the Digital Center company. One of the first results of this cooperation was the professional Ukrainian translation of the dLibra system.
After the presentation there were several questions of quite wide scope: from the technical details of dLibra to the organizational issues of the Digital Libraries Federation.
We hope, that the result of this conference will be the increased interest in dLibra and digital libraries in general in the community of Ukrainian librarians. This can be the start of cooperation with organizations interested in this topic and the basis for future exchange of experience in the digital libraries development.
It is worth to mention that one of the popular systems for the creation of digital libraries behind our easter border is called… T-Libra. The on-line demo of this software is available here (registration required).