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The Impact of Search Engine Optimisation on Organisations’ Websites

Strategic Content Alliance is a JISC funded joint initiative of British Library, BBC, BECTA, Museums, Libraries and Archives Council and National Library for Health. Aimed to build a common information environment where users of publicly funded e-content can gain best value from the investment that has been made by reducing the barriers that currently inhibit access, use and re-use of online content.

Recently SCA released a report “The Impact of Search Engine Optimisation on Organisations’ Websites“. This document contains general recommendations about application of SEO rules and techniques in the process of e-content publication. Authors presents a case study aimed to verify appropriateness of mentioned recommendations. These hints were implemented in three institutions Swansea University, Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning through Design (CETLD) and Archives Hub. Report describes the implementation process and overall evaluation criteria.

Most of proposed solutions were based on free Webmasters’ tools prepared by Google i.e. Analytics, Webmaster, Alerts. It is worth to mention about “Annex 1: Organisations’ websites review”, this part of report contains the results of audit performed by SEO professionals. This material can be quite easily used to conduct a SEO audit of your own website.