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DLF on the highway of digital information

Distributed Catalogue of Polish Libraries (KaRo), allowing to search the contents of library catalogues from several tenths of Polish libraries (including National Union Catalogue and the National Library) is available in the new version – KaRo 3. Cooperation between the KaRo author and the PSNC Digital Libraries Team allowed to include in KaRo for the first time also results from the Polish Digital Libraries Federation. From now on KaRo users will be able to find out with one query if particular publication is available on-line in one of DLF digital libraries and if it is included in the catalogue of one of the libraries. Sample search results are on the screenshot below.

Integration between KaRo and FBC was made with the use of OpenSearch protocol. detailed information on DLF OpenSearch API can be found here. New version of KaRo was developed as a part of NUKAT – AUTOSTRADA INFORMACJI CYFROWEJ (NUKAT – HIGHWAY OF DIGITAL INFORMATION) project .