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Mobile devices users in the Digital Library of Wielkopolska

Some of this website readers may be interested in data about the number of visits from mobile devices in the largest Polish digital library – the Digital Library of Wielkopolska (DLW). On the basis of Google Analytics data recorded in the first half of 2011, we can say that the general distribution of systems of DLW users is the following:

  • Windows: 396 586
  • Linux: 6 103
  • Macintosh: 6 907
  • Unknown: 405
  • Other: 814

This makes 410 815 visits total. If from the “Other” category we will select only mobile devices systems, the ranking will be the following:

  • iPad: 249 (83)
  • Android: 201 (39)
  • iPhone: 189 (16)
  • SymbianOS: 54 (1)
  • iPod: 38 (14)
  • Sony: 19 (3)
  • BlackBerry: 18 (1)
  • Nokia: 15 (0)
  • Samsung: 12 (2)
  • LG: 2 (1)

The number in brackets in the number of returning visits i.e. visits included in the overall number of visits, but such visits, which were not the first visits of the particular user on the DLW website. This makes 797 visits total in the period of 6 months, and out of this 160 are returning visits.

One of the key issues of the mobile devices users is the fact that majority of materials from Polish digital libraries are historical documents which are made available on-line as digital images (scanned pages) and not as text documents. On the other hand, the e-paper readers which are gaining popularity in Poland, are focused on presentation of documents prepared for flexible changing of text layout.

Second issue which may seem to be problematic is the support fordocuments in DjVu format, which is the format of about 80% of objects available through the Polish Digital Libraries Federation (see http://fbc.pionier.net.pl/owoc/attr-stats#format). It is worth to know, that necessary software is available both for Android (e.g. http://code.google.com/p/ebookdroid/) and iOS (e.g. http://xzonesoftware.com/products/xdjvu).

If you are interested in the problems related with the use of objects from digital libraries on mobile devices you may find interesting a post titled  “Dlaczego nie potrafię wyrzec się książki tradycyjnej? Czego chcę od bibliotek cyfrowych?” on the e-book.info.pl blog (Polish version only).