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What is EuropeanaXMLBuilder?

It is a tool for downloading a full record descriptions in the ESE format from any OAI-PMH-compliant interface. Downloaded data is validated against the ESEv3.2 schema and saved on hard drive in the format acceptable by the ContentChecker tool.

What was the aim of creating EuropeanaXMLBuilder?

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It was created in the Digital Libraries Team at PoznaƄ Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) in order to facilitate data ingestion to the Content Checker. So this tool was used during testing phase while transferring data of the PIONIER Network Digital Libraries Federation (PIONIER DLF, Polish metadata aggregator) to Europeana.

PSNC is a partner and a local co-ordinator in the EuropeanaLocal project.

EuropeanaXMLBuilder was developed under the project EuropeanaLocal.

Can you parameterize EuropeanaXMLBuilder?

Yes, you can. Below is a list of things you can parameterize.

  • The first OAI-PMH request to be executed. It must be request for records listing in the Europeana Semantic Elements format. It may contain a resumption token.
  • Path to the final file.
  • If a second file with zipped content will be saved.
  • The number of requests to the OAI-PMH interface. Without this parameter the program downloads all available data.

Where can you find more information?

  • License - the full text of EXB's license
  • Download - a page with binaries and sources for download
  • Usage - commands description for advanced users
  • Tutorial - a usage tutorial with basic commands for beginners
  • Team - a list of people engaged in creating this software