Linear logic in the automatic composition of web services

Activity period: from April 2012 to March 2014

Project „Linear logic with distributivity and its application to the automatic composition of web services” is a research project financed by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (project number: 0265/IP3/2011/71). The leader of this project is Michał Kozak, Ph.D., member of the PSNC Digital Libraries Team.

Linear logic, closely related to the modeling of concurrent processes, has already been used in the automatic composition of web services. Finding the proper composition of atomic services is very complex due to the complexity of deduction in this logic. It seems that this process could be simplified a bit via a suitable transformation (using the distributive law) of modalities in linear logic to formulas built by means of additive conjunction. This project aims to examine this issue, develop an adequate Gentzen-style system, implement this proof system, and implement a prototype of the atomic web service composition system (in which services will be described in the OWL-S ontology terms).

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