Summary of 4th edition of FBC e-learning courses


The 4th ongoing edition of Polish Digital Libraries Federation e-learning courses ended in June. We received lots of important opinions about content and quality of courses through questionnaires filled by users at the end of each subject. “Digital repositories for small memory institutions” had 82 participants; 30 people registered for the shorter one, “Cooperation with Europeana”. Similarly to previous editions, participants who passed all tests and filled the questionnaires, had a possibility to gain a certificate confirming completion of the course and the note they have reached.

“Cooperation with Europeana” was averagely rated for 4,6 (in 5 grades scale), which is almost the same as in previous editions. Most of participants acknowledged that presented subjects will be useful for their profession and that they are satisfied with the course. We asked participants where did they get to know about the course and it came out that most of them heard about it from their boss or tutor. We got to know also that librarian is the most often profession among participants.


The second one, longer course “Digital repositories for small memory institutions” got also an average rate of 4,6. As far as the source of knowledge about course is concerned, most people got it from various websites, some participants also knew it from their boss/tutor or facebook. As in the Europeana course, librarian is the most often profession.

We received quite a few remarks about content and quality of courses, sometimes they were inconsistent. Lots of participants insist on more practical examples and more accurate review of some issues, but on the other hand, some opinions were about that there is too much knowledge and unnecessary subjects in courses for the work of given participants. It is very difficult to strike a happy medium and make the course suitable for everyone. However, we will consider all valuable comments and we will try to implement new, flexible solutions in the next training course.

Registration for new users was closed and we do not give certificates till the beginning of the next scholarship cycle.

3 thoughts on “Summary of 4th edition of FBC e-learning courses

  1. Mam dwa pytania:
    Czy są już zaplanowana nowe terminy kursów?
    Gdzie taka informacja zostanie udostępniona?

  2. Następna edycja kursów rozpocznie się prawdopodobnie w styczniu. Informację na ten temat udostępnimy na tej stronie, a także na portalu FBC Pro, na stronie kursów i na fanpage’u FBC na facebooku.

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