Summary of 3rd edition of FBC e-learning courses

The 3rd ongoing edition of Polish Digital Libraries Federation’s e-learning courses has ended along with the end of September. We received lots of favourable opinions about courses. The shorter one, “Cooperation with Europeana” did enroll 39 users, 92 people registered for “Digital repositories for small memory institutions”. Similarly to previous edition, every participant could gain a certificate confirming completion of the course and the given note. Passing the tests and filling the questionnaires after each subject were the conditions for which the certificates were given.


The “Cooperation with Europeana” course obtained the average note of 4.71. These marks are highly similar to last edition’s ones. Most of participants acknowledged that presented subjects will be useful in their profession and that they are satisfied with the course. Users were pleased to participate in the course and we are happy to surprise people with the quality of it.

We asked participants where did they get to know about the course – it came out that most of them heard about it from a tutor or their boss (9 answers), next, but minor places were: mailing, websites and facebook (each one 3 answers). Questionnaires showed also that majority of participants were librarians, students and few less computer scientists and repository employees.

As it goes to the course “Digital repositories for small memory institutions”, it got the average note of 4.66 so it is the same as it was in the last scholarship cycle. Most of participants got to know about the course from some websites (14 answers), the second most often chosen answer was: “from a friend” (7) or “from a tutor/boss” (10). Only a few answered that it was from Facebook or mailing. The criticism that appeared in comments were mainly about the necessity to improve the navigation between subjects. We gathered also lots of positive opinions about solid and accurate preparation of the course.

Finishing this scholarship cycle entails with closing the possibility of registration for new users. Already registered ones can use and come back to courses. We do not give certificates till the start of a new cycle. Courses will be updated and enriched, we will keep you posted.

Full report describing the evaluation of third edition can be found in PSNC institutional repository.

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