Summary of 2nd edition of FBC e-learning courses

The ongoing edition of Polish Digital Libraries Federation’s e-learning courses was available since October 2012 and it has ended along with the end of January. Courses “Cooperation with Europeana” and “Digital repositories for small memory institutions” met with quite big interest. The Europeana course attracted exactly 100 participants and the second one concerning subjects related to digitisation and digital libraries had 128 participants registered. Every participant could gain – apart from knowledge,
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also a certificate confirming the participation in the course and the given note. Passing the tests was a condition for which a participant could gain a certificate; together, courses include 11 tests and 255 questions (57 in first and 198 in second). We certificated 78 people: 27 for Europeana course participants and 51 for digital repositories course participants (31 in this 2. edition). W congratulate everybody who has managed to finish all tests ;-).

People who have finished the course were asked to grade the course. Each subject of the course was rated in 1 to 5 scale, we received also personal comments about courses content.

As for the “Cooperation with Europeana” course, the first topic “Overview of Europeana” obtained the average note of 4.71 and the second “Technical aspects of Europeana” has 4.24. Some critical notes concerned mostly the technical aspect mentioned in the course, participants asked for more practical examples. We promise to amend 😉 Nonetheless most notes were positive, participants wrote that courses improved their skills which have a use in everyday work.

As far as the course “Digital repositories for small memory institutions” is concerned, the highest note was given to the subject “Introduction to digitisation” (4.77) and “Building digital collections” got the lowest one (4.57). There was a critical note about standardizing the grading of quizes. A few participants complained about minuteness of instructions related to usage of particular software packages but this was also one of biggest advantages mentioned by other graduates.

With the end of the second edition of the courses we will close the enrollment for courses till the late March. We are planning to start another edition of the courses at that time.

Authors: Bogna Wróż, Adam Dudczak

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