Semantic Web in Libraries Conference

The Semantic Web in Libraries conference, organized by HBZ and ZBW, was held in Cologne in Germany on November 26-28. The first day was dedicated to workshops. Participants were able to choose from: Introduction to Linked Open Data, Metadata Provenance, and a PhD Workshop. The remaining two days were “normal” conference days with lectures and presentations.

The major topics of the conference were:

  • lessons learned from publishing the first LOD datasets,
  • library metadata enrichment and integration,
  • authority files,
  • integration of LOD and Semantic Web technologies into productive library environments,
  • new cataloguing models,
  • tasks and challenges for the future.

The conference finished with a “lighting talks” session, in which participants were encouraged to give short speeches (of up to five minutes) to describe a problem, present results or look for project partners and a panel discussion.

Also included was the new BIBFRAME data model proposed by the Library of Congress. It consists of the following main classes:

  • Creative Work: reflects a conceptual essence of the cataloging item,
  • Instance: an individual, material embodiment of the Work,
  • Authority: a resource reflecting key authority concepts (e.g. people, places),
  • Annotation: decorates other BIBFRAME resources with additional information (e.g. reviews, holdings).

The presentations have been recorded. The videos are available here.


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