E-learning course in DLF portal

Digital repositories for small memory institutions” – this free e-learning course has been gradually released since June 2011 within the portal of Digital Libraries Federation (DLF).

It contains information about organizing and leading the digitisation of different kinds of documents. One of its main aims is to help to create high-quality digital libraries and enable their promotion by sharing information about available resources with services like Europeana.

This course is first of all (but not only) directed to people working in small memory institutions such as public libraries and regional museums. It can also be a source of knowledge for students of specialisations such as librarianship and scientific information which are naturally related to branches of digitisation of resources and creation of digital libraries. Participants will have an opportunity to familiarise themselves with a series of instructions discussing the way of implementation of typical digital librarian tasks, step by step. These are, i.e.: creation of descriptions for digitized objects; preparation of digital contents for web publication or promotion of digital objects on the Internet.

In the end of each subject, there is a quiz allowing participants to check their knowledge. Eventually, the course will contain several dozen modules grouped in 9 subjects;

By the end of the year 2011 participation in the course will not be encompassed with any strict time frames. Participants may choose any accessible subject, familiarize with it and check their knowledge in a quiz. According to the plan systematic training courses will be organized since 2012.

Information about the way of subscribing to the course can be found on Digital Libraries Federation portal: http://fbc.pionier.net.pl/elearning/

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