Polish tests of Europeana


As a part of the EuropeanaLocal project, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center performed a series of tests of the Europeana portal with its potential end users in Poland. The tests were conducted in January this year.

Tests took place in the Greater Poland region: most in Poznań (twenty five), two in Swarzędz and one in Konin. There was 28 test sessions with 44 end users from diverse target groups (librarians, schoolchildren, tourist authorities, general users, etc.). Tests were performed in the presence of the moderator and lasted about 1 hour. The meeting scenario was quite advanced and consisted of the following parts:

  1. Introduction to the session aims.
  2. Completion of a pre-questionnaire gathering data on familiarity with Europeana and general online search experience.
  3. A short introduction of Europeana presented by a moderator, completion of basic tasks in Europeana portal.
  4. Discussion on the first impressions with a moderator.
  5. Completion of a questionnaire on the first impressions.
  6. Accomplishment of 7 tasks on the Europeana site.
  7. Discussion on deeper impression with a moderator.
  8. Completion of a questionnaire on deeper and lasting impressions.

The tests allowed to collect many valuable comments and gave the possibility to observe interesting users’ behaviour on the Europeana site (for example, while getting to know the portal or doing more advanced tasks, like searching by date).

Final tests report.

Results of events were processed and presented in the final report available at the PSNC Digital Libraries Team Repository site. The report was handed down for further analysis to the EuropeanaLocal project participants and will be the basis for the summary report from similar tests conducted all around the EU. We encourage you to take look at the document!

At the end we would like to thank all study participants for their efforts and valuable comments, especially workers of  Kórnik Library PAS, City Information Centre in Poznań, Tourist Information Centre in Poznań and the Poznań City Promotion Office.

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