New team members!

In december two persons have joined our team: Michał Kozak i Michał Nowak – welcome! 🙂

Michał Kozak Michał Kozak completed his Master studies in computer science at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Then he began his PhD studies at this faculty – in the spring he will defend his dissertation on logic. In his spare time, he participated in the production of the new version of XRayan application (XRayan 2005), and for last three years he cooperated with the company Projekty Bankowe Polsoft, where he was a JEE programmer and designer.
Michał Nowak Michał Nowak graduated in Computing Science (specialisation: Software Development Technologies) on Poznań University of Technology, the Faculty of Computing Science and Management. His professional interests include scripting languages and Java web applications.

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