9th “Automatyzacja bibliotek publicznych” conference

On 25-26 of November we had a chance to participate in 9th edition of “Automatyzacja bibliotek publicznych” conference. This Conference is organized as a joint effort of Warsaw Public Library, Polish Librarians Association and National Library of Poland.

This year conference was held under the slogan “Regional cooperation – strategy, tools and realisation”. Most of the presentations were heavily inspired by this leading sentence. So, we had a chance to listen about various approaches to public libraries automation including development of IT infrastructure, integrated library systems, models for successful cooperation between libraries and various aspects of education in the area of new technologies.

Conference program was filled with interesting presentations, including Edwin Bendyk’s “Between atoms and bits. Future of the digital book” which was truly inspiring. Apart from this one we would like to distinguish presentations made by employees of National Library of Poland (NLP):

  • Director Katarzyna Ślaska was speaking about competence centre in the area of digitisation which was launched this year in the NLP.
  • Joanna Potęga and Dariusz Paradowski were speaking about digitisation workflow model developed in the NLP.

It is also worth to mention about presentation of Madga Miller from City Public Library in Gorlice who was speaking about building of consortium of local libraries, which was led by her library.

PSNC Digital Libraries Team was presenting ACCESS IT e-learning materials. As the goal of the ACCESS IT was to reach small and medium memory institutions, it seems that it can be also useful for Polish public libraries.

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