International Master in Digital Library Learning (DILL)

Under the Erasmus Mundus programme financed by European Commission, since few years there is possibility to get a master degree in digital libraries. Such studies, named DILL, consist of 4 semesters.

First semester takes place on Oslo University College in Norway and consists of two subjects: “Research Methods and Theory of Science” oraz “Digital Documents”. Second semester takes place on Tallinn University (Estonia), and consits of following subjects: “Information and Knowledge Management” oraz “Human Resource Management”. Third semester takes place on Parma University (Italy), and students participate in “Access to Digital Libraries” and “Users and Usage of Digital Libraries: Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation”. The last semeter is dedicated for the master thesis and can take place on any of those three universities – according to student’s choice.

These studies are connected with a scholarship and initially they were created for students coming from countries outside of European Union. But this have changed and the group which started the DILL studies in August this year, is the first one which includes also persons from the EU. The minimum requirements to apply for DILL participation include a degree in Library and Information Science or equivalent qualifications, knowledge and skills of computers for information use and English skills (confirmed with a certificate). Detailed information are available at the DILL website. Call for 2011 is not open yet, so there is still time to preapre and apply for this interesting studies.

One of the elements of the third semester of DILL is one month of internship related to the subject of studies. Hsin Ju Lee from Taiwan, a graduate of the National Taiwan University and Lund University (Sweden), has started such internship in the PSNC Digital Libraries Team today. Her professional interests include data mining (bibliomining), long term preservation and implementing of digital libraries. We hope that the internship will be interesting both for Hsin Ju, and for the team 🙂

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