SYNAT Project

On the 27th of September in Warsaw a kick-off meeting for the SYNAT project was organized. This project, financed by National Center for Research and Development is aimed to conduct a research task titled “Creation of universal, open, repository platform for hosting and communication of networked resources of knowledge for science, education and open society of knowledge”, which is a part of Strategic Research Programme “Interdisciplinary system of interactive scientific and technical information”.

The project is coordinated by the Warsaw University – ICM, and Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center is one of the main partners and is responsible for four stages:

  • Research on federated model of services for scientific and technical information
  • Prototype of services for Integrated System
  • Prototype of services for long-term preservation of large volumes of data
  • Research on source data services

These works will be conducted by Digital Libraries Team (PSNC Network Services Department) and Team for Analysis and Integration of Large Scala Data (PSNC Applications Department). The manager of the PSNC part of the project is Cezary Mazurek, Ph.D.

More information about the project soon on the website:

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