PSNC joined European IMPACT project

At the beggining of February 2010 PSNC joined European IMPACT (Improving Access To Text) project. PSNC Digital Libraries Team is responsible for the works assigned to PSNC within the IMPACT project.

IMPACT is a four-year project (2008-2012) financed in frame of the EU 7th Framework Programme. In 2010 IMPACT project came into its second phase which extended IMPACT consortium with new partners from France, Spain and Poland. IMPACT aims to significantly improve access to historical text and support all European players such as libraries and cultural institutions, but also companies, decision making bodies, funding agencies etc. with high level information concerning the mass-digitisation and transformation of historical texts.

IMPACT is coordinated by the National Library of the Netherlands, the sub-projects leaders are The British Library, University of Innsbruck and the Austrian National Library.

Poland is represented in the project by PSNC Digital Libraries Team (PSNC DLT) and Department of Formal Linguistics of the University of Warsaw (DFL UW). PSNC DLT is responsible for coordination of works lead by Polish partners, demonstration works concerning Polish hisrotical documents and connected with the OCR and information retrieval tools created in frame of the IMPACT project, leading dissemination activities in Poland and providing support for project in the scope of building a network of competence centres. DFL UW is responsible for language works concerning Polish historical documents in the scope of historical lexicons building which aim to help with improvement of OCR and information retrieval on historical documents.

More information can be found at the IMPACT project home page –

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