XII All-Russian Scientific Conference RCDL’10

On the 1st of April expires the time of sending an application for attending RCDL’10 as a speaker. RCDL’10 is the twelfth conference in the series of All-Russian scientific conferences “Digital Libraries: Advanced Methods and Technologies, Digital Collections”. In 2010 the conference will last from 13 to 17 October and will be hosted by Kazan State University in Kazan.

Over the period of 11 years hundreds of scientists from the leading scientific centers of Russia, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, the USA, Ukraine and other countries have taken part in the RCDL conferences. On RCDL significant attention is paid to fundamental and interdisciplinary research and projects that are focused on solving complex practical problems. In particular, research in the field of creating highly-scalable digital libraries (called the Very Large Digital Library).

Conference topics include the following guidelines and developments in digital libraries:
1. Methods and models for information representation.
2. Metadata, ontologies and instruments for information representation.
3. Perspective infrastructures of digital libraries, digital libraries in grid-sphere and cloud computing.
4. Virtual mediums for scientific investigations.
5. Social nets and digital libraries.
6. Instrumental methods of digital libraries and digital collections creation.
7. Methods and technologies of working with text, multimedia and semistructured information.
8. Information storage methods and digital archives.
9. Interoperability and fusion of information.
10. Scientometric measuring in digital libraries.
11. Information security.
12. User interface, human element.
13. Digital libraries in science, education, culture, medicine and economics.
14. Technology standards of digital libraries.

Members of the Program Commitee are leading scientists of Russian Academy of Science (http://www.ras.ru), representatives of russian, american and european scientific circles and largest IT companies.

More information in English and Russian can be found on http://rcdl2010.ksu.ru.

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