“Bing and Decide” – new advertising campaign launched by Microsoft

Microsoft has launched a huge advertising campaign which aims at increasing the number of users of the Microsoft’s search engine called Bing – competitive solution to search engines by Google or Yahoo.

The tagline itself says about a new approach to searching. According to Microsoft representatives, contemporary search engines return results suffering from ‘information overload’. Bing, in contrary to other search engines, wants to be perceived as a decision search engine, which eliminates information overload and gives a new quality of searching.

All interested in comparison of search results of Bing and Google are invited to visit Bing vs. Google which on a single browser’s screen displays search results both from Bing and Google, for example: http://www.bing-vs-google.com/?q=federacja+bibliotek+cyfrowych. Effects? Two first search hits are identical. And the rest? Please rate it yourself. In our opinion Bing results are more diverse therefore seem to be more interesting. We invite all to check how Bing search engine works, for example by checking resources availability of the digital library they use.

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