JavaFX technology for special effects

The family of Java technology grows stronger in the field of internet multimedia solutions. This refers to the JavaFX – a new programming platform, which offers many interesting features, broad applicability and in particular good support for Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

Until recently, the leading provider of RIA`s multimedia technologies was Adobe and its Flash technologies. In 2006 Microsoft proposed a new solution – Silverlight and then in may 2007 Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) announced its first competetive solution based on Java technology. In this way, the world first heard about JavaFX.

From developer point of view the JavaFX is simply a new scripting language, in which programming multimedia and graphics is much easier. In practice it means that, fully integrated with Java, JavaFX gives the ability to improve standard applications with new attractive multimedia solutions – images, animations, movies etc. Although competitors offers pretty much the same, the main advantage of JavaFX is its broad applicability – it can be used to implement RIAs as well as standard desktop applications, mobile applications, games, graphics presentations and multimedia presentations on TV platforms.

Sample capabilities of the JavaFX can be found on the official website:
Recently platform was also used on the official website of Vancouver 2010:

PSNC Digital Libraries Team also decided to use some of the JavaFX goodies. New version of dLibra system (5.0) as well as recently announced dMouseion will offer new image browsing plug-in utilising JavaFX technology.

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