PSNC becomes the official DART-Europe partner

On January 20, 2010 PSNC became the official partner of the DART-Europe project. The aim of this project is to facilitate in the access and use of European e-theses and dissertations. This aim is realized by the aggregation of the metadata of such works available on-line and by allowing to access and search in the aggregated information via a dedicated portal.

DART-Europe logoAt the moment this portal gives access to about 122 000 of full-text research thesis from 208 universities localized in 16 European countries.

Data from Poland is delivered to the DART-Europe Portal via the PIONIER Network Digital Libraries Federation. In the beginning of January 2010 information about over 250 e-theses from 13 universities were transferred by this way. All institutions interested in cooperation with DART-Europe via the Federation are asked to contact us! Access to the DART-Europe portal and the data transfer to the portal via the Federation is free of charge.

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