“Przekrój” magazine recommends dLibra

In the today’s issue of the “Przekrój” magazine (3/3369) you can find an article of Piotr Stanisławski titled “Narodziny e-książki” (“The Birth of the E-book”). It contains interesting introduction in the e-paper technology and presents positive and negative aspects of e-books. The article is also enriched with quotations of representatives of several large Polish publishers, referring to the future of e-books in Poland.

On the 39th page of the magazine, in a frame titled “Książki z komputera” (“Books from the Computer”) there is some information about internet websites with free e-books. The dLibra project developed by PSNC Digital Libraries Team is referred there as one of three places that must be mentioned in this context. The two other places are the Gutenberg Project and Polish Internet Library. Thanks for the esteem :-).

And by the way – the fact that Polish Internet Library is also mentioned in this context is yet another proof, that the opinion of Polish librarians about this library is much different than the opinion of readers…

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