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SCAPE Events: Preserving Your Preservation Tools & Managing Digital Preservation

Two events coorganized by SCAPE project and OPF Events are coming soon. The first one is called ‘Preserving Your Preservation Tools’ and it will take place in the National Library of the Netherlands in Hague on 26th and 27th of March. This two-day training workshop is going to focus on preparing maintainable software packages, among others: core concepts and current practices for preparing such packages, covering important surrounding issues including documentation and licensing. Participants will get a hand-on experience of open source tools and services such as Vagrant, GitHub and Travis-CI. For more details about the event visit: http://wiki.opf-labs.org/display/SP/SCAPE+Training+Event+-+Preserving+Your+Preservation+Tools. Registration is available here.

Second event is called ‘Managing Digital Preservation’ and is a one-day seminar which will take place in the National Library & Archives of the Netherlands in Hague on 2nd April. It will focus on the issues that managers face when implementing digital preservation in their organisations. It aims to bring together managers who have responsibility for digital preservation, but who are not necessarily technical experts in this area. It is an opportunity to get to know different strategic approaches to digital preservation and to meet peers and experts from across Europe. One of the guest speakers will be the PSNC’s representative. Details about the seminar can be found here.

SCAPE Project training event: Effective, Evidence-based Preservation Planning

We invite you all to participate in the SCAPE project training event related to digital preservation, especially in the context of preservation planning. The event will be held in Danemark on 13-14th of November 2013. The details can be found at: http://www.scape-project.eu/events/11/effective-evidence-based-preservation-planning