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QR Codes in the Rabbit House

Since 22 October in the Xawery Dunikowski Sculpture Museum w Królikarna (The Rabbit House) – a branch of the National Museum in Warsaw (MNW) you can see an exhibition titled „KoLekcja w Królikarni” (Collesson in the Rabbit House). On the Królikarnia website you can find that, this exposition is “thought to be an announcement of the new image of the permanent galleries in the main building of the MNW” and that “it prepares the visitors to see familiar works, but presented in a new concept – not in chronological and geographical order, but according to types and functions of paintings”.

This exhibition is also the first one in the history of the MNW, where the information plates located near the paintings contain specially encoded links to more detailed information about these paintings available in the Digital National Museum in Warsaw. To achieve this in the Digital National Museum a series of themed collections was created representing particular parts of the exhibition:

In these collections you will find descriptions and digital images of exhibits, which can be seen in the Rabbit House. With the use of functionality provided by dMuseion, a system developed by PSNC, creators of the exhibition were able prepare QR codes containing links to exhibits’ descriptions available on-line. Then these codes were placed on the exhibits’ information plates in the MNW branch.

Visitors of the exhibition, looking at the exhibits, with thier mobile phones equipped in a camera, a general QR code software Internet access, are able to get additional information about exhibits. This information is made available via dMuseion system with websites optimized for viewing on mobile devices.