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Digital Library Conference

We invite you to participate in the Digital Library Conference which will be held in Slovakia from 1st to 3rd of April, 2014. It is already 15th edition of this conference which will discuss various activities in the area of Europeana, advanced ICT technologies for digital libraries and guidelines for digitization projects. During the conference two presentations will be given by PSNC representatives. One of them )”Cultural Heritage Institutions, Metadata Aggregators and The Cloud”) will present various approaches for applying cloud technologies to digital libraries. The other one (“Succeed with us: recommendations for mass digitization projects”) will present the results of Succeed project in the context of recommendations elaborated within one of its work packages (WP4). We warmly invite you to get familiar with the conference programme (http://www.schk.sk/wordpress/digital-library-english/preliminary-agenda/) and register (http://www.schk.sk/wordpress/digital-library-english/registration/).