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More than 1 000 Polish ETDs in DART-Europe

This week the PIONIER Network Digital Libraries Federation (PIONIER DLF) has submitted to the DART-Europe data about another Polish e-theses and dissertations (ETDs) – the number increased by more than 700 publications, reaching a total value of 1 102. This is the credit of 5 new digital libraries that have decided to pass on information about their ETDs .

Presently 11 digital libraries are transferring their data through the PIONIER DLF to the DART-Europe portal:

  1. ABC Kraków
  2. Biblioteka Cyfrowa Katedry Lingwistyki Formalnej Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
  3. Biblioteka Cyfrowa UMCS
  4. Dolnośląska Biblioteka Cyfrowa
  5. Księgozbiór Wirtualny Federacji Bibliotek Kościelnych FIDES
  6. Podkarpacka Biblioteka Cyfrowa
  7. Podlaska Biblioteka Cyfrowa
  8. Śląska Biblioteka Cyfrowa
  9. Wielkopolska Biblioteka Cyfrowa
  10. Zachodniopomorska Biblioteka Cyfrowa
  11. Zielonogórska Biblioteka Cyfrowe

These libraries give access to Polish ETDs from 26 universities and 2 scientific institutes.

We would like to thank digital libraries listed above for successful cooperation in dissemination of Polish scientific work 🙂 and also encourage more libraries to join this group.