Mechanisms of atomic services for distributed digital libraries

Activity period: July 2006 – June 2008

Project “Mechanisms of atomic services for distributed digital libraries ” is a reasearch project financed by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (grant number: 3 T11C 023 30). The manager of this project is Mr Cezary Mazurek, Ph.D.

Main scientific aim of this project is to define coherent set of open protocols for digital libraries atomic services, which will allow access to full functionality of diverse digital library systems. Additionally there will be developed mechanisms for automated composition of digital libraries with other network services based on the metadata describing those services. Such mechanism will require specialized algorithms for the discovery and composition of services. With such mechanisms there will be possible to dynamically discover and connect digital library services into functional groups dedicated for diverse applications. During this research project also some mechanisms for atomic services management and monitoring will be developed, and they will be the basis for the evaluation of effectiveness distributed digital library system based on atomic services. The R&D works will also include the preparation of example applications and advanced scenarios for the usage of developed mechanisms for distributed digital libraries. This will be done in two areas: application of developed mechanisms in the digital library systems and application of developed mechanisms in the external systems using digital libraries.

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