Activity period: September 2013 – September 2014


SCAPE (Scalable Preservation Environments) is an R&D project related to tools and technologies for long-term preservation of various kinds of data. Scope of the project is particularly focused on the following main tasks:
• Infrastructure and tools for scalable processing of data.
• Prototype software tools for automated scenarios in the context of preservation, data processing and quality of the outputs.
• Integration of above assets with with preservation planning and monitoring tools.

Validation of the results will be conducted within three main scenarios, which require large scale processing. These scenarios are related to the following datasets:
• Digital repositories from library community.
• Web archives from the web archiving community.
• Research data from scientific community.

In the framework of the project extension (09.2013-09.2014) which is aimed at additional works related to new preservation scenarios, two partners from Poland joined the project: Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) and Wielkopolska Center of Pulmonology and Thoracosurgery (WCPT). PSNC and WCPT will work on long-term preservation scenarios related to preservation of and access to medical data.

SCAPE project

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