Activity period: February 2008 – April 2012


Interedition - Logo

Interedition is an ESF COST Action. Interedition’s aim is to promote the interoperability of the tools and methodology used in the field of digital scholarly editing and research. Toward this aim Interedition organizes meetings for experts in both digital and non-digital scholarly editing to further the ideas and concepts for interoperability of digital tools. As a result Interedition will produce a road map for the realization of a supranational digital infrastructure for scholarly editions and research, accompanied by a number of proof-of-concept web services and tools to demonstrate the viability of the ideas and concepts put forward by Interedition as a networked research platform. One of these tools is Collatex, developed in frame of the Interedition project, which is able to perform collation of the given textual sources.

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