What’s up, Europeana? (part 4)

Earlier this week Europeana updated information about resources from digital libraries connected via the PIONIER DLF. We are happy to announce that the publications number has increased by more than 100 thousand since last update and it counts exactly 462 796 objects. Therefore, we decided to refresh the statistics on our data in Europeana compared … Continue reading What’s up, Europeana? (part 4)

What’s up, Europeana? (part 3)

We have already published some statistics describing the visibility of Polish cultural heritage in Europeana. Today a European Commission press note was published, titled “Digital Agenda: Europeana gives online access to over 14 million examples of Europe’s cultural heritage”. This note informs that Europeana has crossed the number of 14 million of objects available on-line … Continue reading What’s up, Europeana? (part 3)

What’s up, Europeana? (part 2)

Recently Europeana has crossed the level of 10 million objects. Because of this we have decided to calculate again some simple statistics regarding the participation of Polish resources in Europeana. For today the share of resources published in Europeana by Polish institutions is about 3,4% which gives Poland 9th place in Europe. As you may … Continue reading What’s up, Europeana? (part 2)

What’s up, Europeana?

On the 1st of March 2010 on the Europeanę projects group website an annual activity report was published. Section 4.4 of this report unfortunately contains outdated data (coming probably from August 2009, from the “Europeana Content Strategy” document), and according to this data the Polish participation in Europeana is lower than 1%. As for last … Continue reading What’s up, Europeana?