New scholarship cycle of DLF e-learning courses has just begun

New scholarship cycle of the two e-learning courses: “Digital repositories for small memory institutions” and “Cooperation with Europeana” running in frames of the Digital Libraries Federation has begun with the beginning of June. Courses were upgraded, enriched mostly with information about building digital collections, also an article about the Digitlab system was added. At the end of each subject there is an evaluation questionnaire in which you can express your opinion about the content of given element of the course. Courses were moved to the newest version of Moodle platform which offers also mobile access to the courses.

Present scholarship cycle will last 3 months and each participant has a possibility to gain a certificate testifying their participation. The only condition is getting positive marks at quizzes and fulfilling questionnaires (more information in courses).

2 thoughts on “New scholarship cycle of DLF e-learning courses has just begun

  1. A ja otrzymuje inormacje: “W tej chwili nie ma możliwości zgłoszenia na ten kurs”

  2. Sprawdziłam oba linki do kursów i obecnie nie ma żadnego problemu z rejestracją, być może był to chwilowy problem. Pozdrawiam

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