Public release of (part of) Clepsydra framework

We’re happy to announce the public release of part of Clepsydra, data aggregation and enrichment framework. It is released under the Apache Licence, Version 2.0.

Clepsydra is a flexible and scalable system for aggregation, processing and provisioning of data from heterogeneous sources. It was designed and developed to be a basis for services focused on aggregation and enrichment of data, e.g. metadata describing on-line collections of cultural heritage objects from Polish memory institutions. The first production deployment of this system is the PIONIER Network Digital Libraries Federation. Clepsydra is developed as a part of PSNC activities in the SYNAT project.

This first release of Clepsydra contains one component, Clepsydra Storage, which main aim is to serve as a flexible and scalable service allowing storing and accessing large amounts of heterogeneous data.

Installation instruction, documentation and source code for Clepsydra Storage module can be found here.

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