“NUKAT – autostrada informacji cyfrowej” – first effects for readers

At the end of October 2010 e-bUW made available first title digitized in frame of the “NUKAT – autostrada informacji cyfrowej” project. According to e-bUW it is “Nowy Pamiętnik Warszawski : [dziennik historyczny, polityczny, tudzież nauk i umiejętności]”, periodical published in Prussian Warsaw by Franciszek Ksawery Dmochowski, the man who contributed to literature field, participated in Kościuszko Uprising. The periodical has literary and politico-social character and for five year of its existence (1801-1805) had high influence on intellectual life of the whole Prussian partition. The periodical can be found at http://ebuw.uw.edu.pl/dlibra/publication?id=5512&tab=3

„NUKAT – autostrada informacji cyfrowej” project is financed by by EU Innovative Economy Programme. Project partners are BUW, UCI UMK in Toruń, faculty libraries of UW and libraries which catalogues will be combines in NUKAT database.

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